• PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration

Strategic Advisory

The most successful companies understand how to turn their real estate from a liability into an opportunity. That is exactly what iCORE’s Strategic Advisory Services are designed to do – to help you leverage your real estate activities to maintain a competitive advantage, enhance margin and deliver value to stakeholders.

Careful planning combined with a thorough analysis and strong understanding of market trends creates the foundation for successful real estate decisions. By evaluating key areas of your real estate portfolio, we’re able to identify immediate savings and opportunities for long-term success.

With that in mind, our Strategic Advisory Services extend far beyond the analysis stage. Our Professionals work with you to streamline your portfolio, implement recommended solutions and ultimately achieve your corporate objectives.

Working with our team of trusted professionals provides you with peace of mind that your portfolio will be strategically positioned for short and long-term success.


Cost Reduction Analysis

While real estate is often the largest operating cost, reducing portfolio costs is not as simple as minimizing what you pay per sq. ft.

Strategic Advisors work with you to understand current finances and all of the costs incurred. We pull in our local market experts to provide invaluable insight and realistic options for streamlining costs. Advisors then recommend cost-saving solutions that do not sacrifice quality, employee productivity or morale.

As a result of our thorough analysis, Strategic Advisors are able to provide clients with the most complete and feasible cost reduction solutions.

Expansion & Contraction Analysis

As the dynamics of your business change, it’s critical that your real estate is flexible enough to expand and contract with shifting business needs.

Strategic Advisors start with a thorough analysis of your current workplace needs as well as future facility requirements. This approach enables us to address your immediate needs as well as long-term priorities, and develop strategies that accommodate changes in organizational requirements.

iCORE's expansion and contraction services are backed by both our local market experts and centralized HQ Controls, providing unmatched analysis capabilities.

Process Analysis & System Implementation

Using time-tested techniques, Process Management Consultants will create simple, clearly defined systems to streamline your business process from beginning to end.

iCORE operates with care and concern where it relates to your internal processes such as vetting and the approval process. We provide you with a unique, personalized solution for process systemization that maximizes the potential of your enterprise and minimizes the risks associated with business and process flow.

Site Selection Advisory

When it comes to finding the perfect new site for a move or expansion, it’s not as simple as location, location, location. It’s also about information. Knowledge is power, and researching a site for economic incentives, logistics, labor resources, and other demographics can give you a powerful advantage over your competition.

Labor retention rates, competing employers, education levels, available transit, and other factors can have a direct impact on the success of your facility – and many companies are putting these criteria first in the decision making process.

iCORE has conducted studies for corporate headquarters, call centers, back offices, medical facilities, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. We’ll target the right site for your business – then get you there first.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are critical tools and, when conducted properly, provide tremendous guidance to corporations

Our Feasibility Studies shed light on the prospects for success by uncovering strengths and challenges inherent in any real estate strategy. We work with you to assess the viability of proposed ventures in a given market. As a result, you will be able to make informed decisions that maximize revenue, reduce costs and result in a high performance level.