• PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration

Portfolio Management

Now more than ever, the success of your portfolio will be measured project by project – detail by detail. More precisely, the success of each initiative depends greatly on what happens after the real estate transaction has been completed.

Our comprehensive portfolio experience includes a wide range of clients and solutions. We operate globally and regionally on both large and small-scale real estate portfolios. No matter the requirement; finding new space, building out your existing space, providing well matched investments in real estate or protecting existing real estate assets, you need expertise you can count on.

We find even the savviest business professionals have a tough time knowing where to turn and whom to trust. Conflict-Free Teaming and Accountability is your answer; iCORE Global is raising the bar. Our practices are to first get you the right team for your objectives and second, to hold that team accountable to you.

When it comes to Portfolio Management, our Professionals take a holistic approach to tracking and analyzing key portfolio performance data in order to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies.

Portfolio Performance Review

Our Portfolio Performance Review looks at your commercial real estate through a wider lens. Using directed analytic tools, we identify where and how a change in your real estate portfolio will benefit your company.

iCORE’s global reach allows you to benefit from the critical mass of knowledge share and maximize the potential of your portfolio. Leveraging our robust technology platform, we combine your portfolio analysis with up-to-date market data and trends from around the world.

Once we’ve completed a thorough review of your portfolio, we take it a step further. We load your data into a TRANSACTION CiRCLES site, a proprietary, cloud-based site, so that we can dynamically track your portfolio performance. You’ll benefit from having 24/7 access to KPIs, KPAs and portfolio data, empowering you to stay ahead of important decisions.

This in-depth portfolio analysis enables our team to develop concrete strategies and implement solutions that align your entire portfolio with your business objectives, operating requirements and financial goals.

Benchmark Consulting & Forecasting

Not sure where to start? Our Benchmark Consulting and Forecasting Professionals will assist you in establishing and monitoring the Key Performance Areas and Key Performance Indicators that are fundamental to your business.

We start by aggregating data about your locations, business processes, facility needs and competitive landscape. Our Professionals then work with you to understand business objectives and Key Performance Areas that will be tracked and reported on.

Leveraging TRANSACTION CiRCLES, our cloud-based client sites, we’ll combine your portfolio data with local market insight to identify trends, opportunities and risks in your portfolio, and establish KPIs. Having 24/7 access to a custom site that dynamically tracks your KPAs and KPIs will shed light on portfolio strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to take advantage of strategic business opportunities.

Our team will work then with you to determine and implement standards across the globe, putting you back in control of your portfolio.

Lease Management

Another place where iCORE clients can truly appreciate our value is in our automated lease administration system, LOGiC. iCORE LOGiC is an easy to use, web-based service that allows you to track all your critical lease information – from property expenses and pass-throughs to sublet rental income and security deposits. Even better; you maintain ownership and control over your data.

We have the tools to translate, create abstracts and note important dates and terms in a clear and concise manner. LOGiC monitors contract terms such as lease expiration dates and other deadlines and built in workflows send e-mail reminders to notify you about those items. Result: everyone communicates better – and you’ll save time and money by keeping your portfolio current.

Translation Services

One of the challenges in managing multi-national portfolios is getting all of the data into a consistent language and format so that you can actually analyze it. We offer a wide array of translation services including written translation on any subject matter; technical, legal, medical, financial, and more. With more than 170 languages offered our team will be able to meet any need.

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