• PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration

Global Consulting

Global Consulting Services are all about planning and preparing for your real estate transitions. With the significant impact that real estate and people productivity have on your profit and loss through to the bottom line for your entire enterprise, it’s critical that these areas are not overlooked.

We take a comprehensive approach to assessing and planning for your business to help anticipate the impact of your decisions, and manage your overall risk. In turn, our Professionals are able to optimize your facilities and people productivity.


Enterprise Modeling

Enterprise Modeling Services integrate site selection, evaluation, and recruitment and retention constraints with business operations, resulting in a comprehensive strategy.

We explore all aspects of your enterprise to determine the opportunities and constraints, including the physical, financial, legal and production capabilities, and overall enterprise impact.

Our professionals work with you to develop a tangible plan so that you can gain buy in from the necessary people and achieve, perhaps for the first time, your headquarter objectives on a local level.

People Productivity

People productivity is at the core of a company’s success. Addressing the complex relationship between minimizing business expenses and maximizing people productivity requires a combination of strategic planning and experience.

Over the past 30 years, we have refined a process for addressing the relationship between cost and productivity and will apply this expertise to enhance the productivity of your organization.

Employee morale plays a key role in maximizing people productivity. That is why our Professionals go the extra mile to manage strategic information distribution and keep everyone up to speed on any relevant changes. This commitment ensures that your employees focus their energy where it can have the biggest impact.