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Brazil is the regional leader of South America, boasting the area’s largest area, population and economy. Brazil is among the world’s top ten economies and energy consumers, growing rapidly over the past few years. In 2007 the government pledged over 300 billion dollars to improve the country’s infrastructure, one of the largest investments in the country’s history. Brazil has a large available labor pool and well developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors. Brazil is emerging as a leading IT center in South America with more than 200,000 IT professionals and many graduates from top tier universities migrating towards this field.

Brazil is feeling the effects of the global economic downturn, recording a fall in the rate of new supply and a fall in occupier demand across the major markets. This trend is seen as a positive for occupiers as the major markets, specifcally Sao Paulo, which had seen a very low vacancy rate. Over the near and medium term this will bring new advantages and lower rents for occupiers across the board. Investment activity is predicted to be on the rise over the next few years as the government has just recently passed a new interest rate cut

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