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Australia is an advanced nation with one of the world’s highest qualities of life and most freely regulated economies. The emphasis on exporting commodities rather than manufacturing has underpinned a significant increase in Australia's terms of trade during the rise in commodity prices since the start of the century. Australia’s economy has regularly seen increases of 3.5% but the outlook for 2009 during the global economic instability is that the economy could be due for a recession after 17 years of growth. The services sector makes up the bulk of the economy followed by exports to many of the world’s other economic powers.

Australia’s property market remains attractive relative to other asset classes because of strong demand for office space by resource and finance companies. The Australian prime office market success and strength is based on global competitiveness, market structure and an understanding of, and ability to meet,changing occupational requirements. Australia surpasses other countries in the region, with modern office buildings in planned cities complementing a low risk business environment that provides access to a knowledgeable and creative pool of skilled and multi-lingual labor, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.


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