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    Norway has vast natural resources that include gas fields, hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals. The country was the second largest exporter of seafood in value, after China in 2006. Other main industries include shipping, food processing, shipbuilding, metals, chemicals, mining, fishing and pulp and paper products. The Norwegian economy is an example of a mixed economy, featuring a combination of free market activity and large government ownership. The government has large ownership positions in key industrial sectors such as petroleum, banking and telecommunications and controls 31.6% of publicly-listed companies. The egalitarian values of the Norwegian society ensure that the wage difference between the lowest paid worker and the CEO of most companies is much smaller than in comparable western economies. The standard of living in Norway is high, and oil exports lead forecasters to conclude that Norway will remain wealthy through the foreseeable future.

    Norway's property market has not fared as poorly as others, though it has seen the same increase in supply and decrease in demand that is typical of many European nations. Both rental rates and purchase prices have fallen recently, leading to an occupier driven market situation. The situation is predicted to continue through 2009 with the only projected movement being cost cutting re-locations. Investment is projected to be slow as well.


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