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    The Netherlands

    The Netherlands has the 16th largest economy inthe world and boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. TheNetherlands' location gives it prime access to markets in the UK and Germany,with the port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe. Services accountfor more than half of the national income and are primarily in transportation,distribution, logistics, international trade, and in financial areas, such asbanking and insurance. The country continues to be one of the leading Europeannations for attracting foreign direct investment and is one of the five largestinvestors in the US. A highly mechanized agricultural sector employs no morethan 4% of the labor force but provides large surpluses for the food-processingindustry and for exports. The Dutch rank third worldwide in value ofagricultural exports, behind the United States and France.

    Afurther downturn was witnessed in the Dutch market, where both supply and demand have remained low. Rental rates have remained level for the moment, larger incentives are being offered as we see signs of developers needing to attract further occupiers. The prediction for the near term is that the prime market rates will hold up for a while whereas many sub-markets will see a decrease in rental values. A small of new supply is expected in 2009, but will not make a huge impact on the current situation.