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    France is the largest country in the European Union and the second largest in Europe area wise. It is the most visited country in the world, receiving 82 million foreign tourists annually. France's economy combines extensive private enterprise (nearly 2.5 million companies registered) with substantial (though declining) government intervention. The government retains considerable influence over key segments of infrastructure sectors, with majority ownership of railway, electricity, aircraft, and telecommunications firms. France is also the most energy independent Western country due to heavy investment in nuclear power, which also makes France the smallest producer of carbon dioxide among the seven most industrialized countries in the world. Large tracts of fertile land, the application of modern technology, and EU subsidies have combined to make France the leading agricultural producer and exporter in Europe.

    Landlords are increasing incentive packages in a bid to attract and/or keep tenants, limit void periods and maintain an income stream. Following two years of exceptional performance the French market is showing signs of slowing as the wider economic downturn continues to affect decisions. In 2009 it is expected that occupier activity will slow, with an increasing distinction between prime and second hand space.

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