• PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration

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"Many of the traditional, big name brokerage houses will tell you they are the 'one stop shop' for all of your domestic and international needs. Many years of personal experience tell me otherwise. Trust me – I tried them all and they all fell short of my needs.

Frustrated and beginning to believe there was no company out there that could deliver all real estate needs for the corporate executive I had given up hope until I found iCORE Global.”
Roger Richey, former Director of Corporate Real Estate, Western Union

“In today’s world of corporate real estate, the key differentiator is how you build a bridge and connect all the dots to provide seamless service that is conflict free & cost effective. iCORE GLOBAL provides this platform worldwide to its clients through its international consortium of regional experts. The primary focus is developing long-term relationships with clients rather than focusing on ‘one off’ deals.

iCORE GLOBAL has developed a platform built on the latest technology, the likes of which are seldom found anywhere else. We’ve had an extremely memorable experience thus far and look forward to building a successful business and creating lifelong friendships”
. Raja Seetharaman, Managing Partner, iCORE Global – India

“The iCORE technology platform is what first attracted us to the global consortium. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the best in the industry and well beyond what the industry standards are for CRM’s. iCORE’s corporate team is consistently upgrading their capabilities, listening to its offices, and making stellar efforts to maintain that strategic advantage for all iCORE offices and clients worldwide -- A big plus when recruiting transactions specialists!

Since joining we have worked on numerous deals outside of the U.S to include Canada, India and the UK with the help of the international desk, a unique feature of the service which ensures accountability and performance. The reach is truly global and we have access to the international markets we were unable to break into in the past.

Our use of the platform is expanding daily and helping us to drive transaction revenues and to supplement our development and third party provider business in the Southwest. Please feel free to call me with questions.”
Gary Dahse, Managing Director, iCORE Global - Houston

“I’m a bit of a techno-geek when it comes to the use and benefits of a quality CRM program built for sales. It was obvious that iCORE spent countless hours and funds developing ORiGIN, their proprietary CRM system, into a tool that not only tracks activities and opportunity progress, but also ORiGIN easy and functional marketing campaigns with nearly unlimited customizability”
. Michael Coppola, Managing Partner, iCORE Global – Tampa

"The global platform and state of the art technologies are two key points that attracted us to iCORE Global. By partnering with a full service, global company, we feel we can give our clients the competitive edge and can compete with the larger firms in the Dallas area.”
Conrad Petersen, Executive Managing Partner, iCORE Global - Dallas

“I really like the branding—we get great feedback on the website. The art department cranks out first-class marketing materials and there is an entire suite of Shared Services to help further support the brokerage.” Mark DeMichele, Executive Managing Partner & Designated Broker, iCORE Global – Phoenix

“Working within a responsive global network here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ market, and yet providing a boutique environment of first class services and support to both our clients and fellow brokers, has paid great dividends. iCORE Global’s overview remains true, helping us better serve the ever changing real estate markets.”
David Siwinski, Senior Managing Partner, iCORE Global – Phoenix