• PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration

Benefits of Joining iCORE

Every aspect of our platform was strategically designed to maximize your success. Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself how joining iCORE will give you the advantage you need to soar past your competitors.

Global Reach, local Ownership
With iCORE, you get the best of both worlds. You maintain your local ownership and gain direct access to a global platform of over 122 offices, servicing 272 major cities across 47 countries worldwide.

Our global platform empowers you and prevents your clients from switching to a different provider that can service their entire portfolio.

Increased Revenue Opportunities
Increase your revenue stream by winning larger deals, expanding your existing client relationships and delivering on business outside of your current reach.

Proative Business Channels
By leveraging existing client relationships we decrease the sales cycle, increase profit margins and reduce the overall costs of sales – not to mention freeing up clients to only manage one provider.

Conflict-Free Platform
We have redefined what it means to be a full-service commercial real estate provider while maintaining our position as dedicated client advocates.

Through our strategic partnerships with Asset Management groups and Owner Reps, we provide clients with the full suite of services they need without compromising client advocacy and remaining conflict-free. Learn more.

Collaborative Culture
We are committed to achieving more through collaboration, information sharing and teamwork, and take great pride in selecting industry leaders as our iCORE teams

As a result, our global community is packed full of talented, committed, passionate professionals that uphold our commitment to collaboration and teamwork.

State of the Art Technologies
Giving you a competitive advantage with your clients– proprietary, client-facing technologies and reporting capabilities add value to your customers and streamline project management, document sharing, tracking and team communication.
Learn More.

You get direct access to enterprise technology designed to keep you connected, informed, organized and on top of all of your business activities.

Centralized Shared Services
Shared Services were strategically developed to reduce the time and money you spend on daily business operations while increasing your revenue producing activities.

By centralizing these services, we empower you to focus on the real reasons you’re in business – to earn income while providing quality service to your clients.

Pride of Ownership
Each office is a locally owned partnership, inspiring the high level of professional and personal attention that clients expect from industry leaders.

Additionally, our partnership track enables high producing real estate professionals to gain increased annual commission start points, increase their stature within the firm, earn equity and participate in bonuses.

Respect for Client Ownership
We recognize that you invest a tremendous amount of time and energy in building a relationship with each of your clients and vice-versa.

That’s why we keep the originator on the account – period. With iCORE, your ability to collaborate, execute and deliver quality is protected and second to none.