• PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration




We understand that knowledge share and continuity of providers are essential for delivering optimal results. With this understanding, our Integrated Services Team starts by collaborating with the originator of the relationship and you to gain an understanding of account requirements and overall project scope.

Unlike other corporate real estate providers, the originator of the relationship continues to be involved with our Integrated Services Professionals throughout the duration of the project, providing invaluable local insight and transaction expertise.

We extend this collaborative approach throughout the entire process, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive service possible.


Based upon the overall scope of your portfolio and account requirements, our Integrated Services Team assigns an Account Manager to your account that will serve as a dedicated KEY POINT of ACCOUNTABILITY. Additionally, we assign a core Account Team and establish a communication matrix between all account team members to streamline and enhance the flow of information.

Your core Account Team is aligned with you at all times, from inception to completion, and is responsible for ensuring that each project is delivered within scope, budget and timeline.


Your Account Team takes a holistic approach to your portfolio, beginning with a thorough assessment of your current real estate and operations.

We aggregate data about your locations, business processes, facility needs and competitive landscape. Your team works with you to understand business objectives and Key Performance Areas that will be tracked and routinely reported on.

Your Account Team combines this data with local market insights to identify trends, opportunities and risks in your portfolio, and establish Key Performance Indicators.


All of the data and insight captured during the assessment process is tracked in our proprietary suite of technology.

We leverage ourtechnology to monitor trends in your portfolio, illuminate opportunities andrisks, and provide real time market insight. Your Account Team will also setuptracking for Key Performance Indicators so that we can routinely gauge ourperformance against established criteria for success.

Through our comprehensive technology platform, our clients have 24/7 access to portfolio data and KPIs, keeping you up to speed and in control of your real estate decisions.


Your Account Team uses data-driven insights to provide recommendations for improving performance, reducing costs, streamlining operations and optimizing your portfolio.

Our solutions take your organizational strategies and business goals into account, striking a delicate balance between achieving your financial goals and optimizing people productivity.

Your Account Team will work with you to develop a tangible plan and provide you with the data and supporting documentation necessary to gain buy in from the key decision makers at your company.


While your core Account Team remains consistent, the greater Account Team expands and contracts based upon specific portfolio needs. This allows us to pull in resources and talent from our expansive network of professionals and ensure your team is fully capable of delivering on all project requirements.

As your portfolio requirements evolve, your Account Manager will activate additional personnel and resources as needed. Regardless of your portfolio and project needs, we will be able to mobilize the right people for the job.


A crucial step in planning for a successful execution involves optimizing for the local market. Your Account Team works with our local experts to identify any opportunities or risks specific to the local market that need to be taken into consideration prior to executing on your plans.

Understanding the importance of Global Citizenship to overall portfolio performance, your Account Manager will work with local experts to evaluate how your enterprise decisions impact your Global Citizenship and explore opportunities for your offices to be increasingly integrated within their own community.

Our expansive network of local experts means that we always have access to market insight and can optimize your projects to ensure successful marketplace execution.


Leveraging decades of hands-on experience, your dedicated Account Team turns your strategies into measurable results.

Our Integrated Services team understands the difference between getting the job completed, and executing at the enterprise level. We take pride delivering on all commitments and meeting or exceeding expectations.


Your Account Manager provides you with detailed reports at all stages of the project, communicating clear expectations, goals achieved, and any potential risks. Monitoring forms, schedule milestones and formal review process; provide the extra layer of checks and balances to ensure a first-class result.

Your Account Team delivers transparent communications that enable rapid response times and data-driven decisions. With 24/7 access to portfolio data and monitoring of our Key Performance Indicators, you’re able to continuously track our progress and results