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  • PROVIDING A STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE Through Technology & Processes
  • EXPERIENCE QUALITY Under One Brand with A Single Point of Control
  • UNITING LOCAL COMMERCIAL Real Estate Experience with Global Execution
  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration


iCORE Global is the leading full service, conflict-free, commercial real estate provider worldwide. With over 156 Offices servicing 371 markets across 64 countries, we have the market intelligence and experience to handle all of your commercial real estate needs.

Commercial real estate teams from around the globe are united in a centralized platform to deliver high quality services and empower strategic real estate operations for local, national and multi-national corporations. Completing over 47.5 billion in transactions annually, we are a trusted provider that delivers value consistently. We partner with companies around the world to create and execute long-term strategies that turn real estate portfolios into a competitive advantage.


At iCORE, everything we do is inspired by our commitment to client advocacy. Our mission is to drive superior results for clients by providing a comprehensive and fully-integrated solution for commercial real estate services that maximizes the value of each and every asset.


Commitment to Client Advocacy
As dedicated client advocates, we operate solely on your behalf to deliver financial and operational advantage in single transactions as well as portfolio-wide strategies.

Global Reach
We deliver consistency through our entire partnership platform of 1,500 professionals currently servicing over 270 markets in 47 countries worldwide.

Local Expertise
We capture local expertise by identifying best in class providers around the world and uniting them as one brand. This guarantees the deep knowledge of local real estate markets, cultural nuances and long-term relationships with government agencies and local service providers are instantly available to every client.

State of the Art Technologies
Our platform is built on state of the art technologies that facilitate global collaboration and knowledge share, enabling data-driven decisions and providing real-time results. Client-facing technologies and reporting capabilities add value to your customers and streamline project management, document sharing, tracking and team communication.
Full-Service, Conflict Free
iCORE has redefined what it means to be a full-service commercial real estate provider while maintaining our position as conflict-free, client advocates. Through strategic partnerships with Asset Managers and Owner Reps we achieve the true depth and breadth real estate occupiers need to optimize their portfolios and investments, without comprising client advocacy.

Pride of Ownership
Pride of ownership plays a fundamental role in inspiring the highest work ethic, quality and professionalism. Each iCORE office is a locally owned partnership, inspiring our team members to provide clients with the high level of professional and personal attention they expect from industry leaders.

Collaborative Culture
We are dedicated to maintaining an innovative, collaborative culture that rewards teaming and information sharing. Our global community is comprised of talented, passionate professionals that uphold our high quality standards and commitment to collaboration and teamwork.

Delivering value-added services worldwide for over 27 years. Originally founded as CORE Advantage Group delivering services internationally, we rebranded to iCORE Global, and expanded into the U.S. January 7, 2009.