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  • DELIVERING RESULTS Through Collaboration & Integration

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India is one of the world’s largest countries and is the largest democracy in the world, population wise. India is known for its outsourcing capabilities and many Multi-National Corporations have facilities throughout the country. Major industries include textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transport equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, software. On-going reforms are watched closely as India could become potentially important for the global economy; despite the economic slowdown, India’s economy is still predicted to grow in the next year. Although the Indian economy has grown steadily over the last two decades, its growth has been uneven when comparing different social groups, economic groups, geographic regions, and rural and urban areas. The growth of a highly educated workforce is beginning to take India from a manufacturing base to a service based economy.  

Overall, the Indian real estate market has slowed down, with less absorption and less supply coming on the market along with rising vacancy rates. Many of the major markets are feeling the effects of the liquidity crisis, some faring better than others with Bangalore being the only one seeing an increase in absorption. The market is trending towards occupiers as rental rates are predicted to fall in most markets. 

iCORE Global India  is a leading India based Real Estate Solutions company with expertise in consulting, tenant representation and capital markets. Headquartered in Mumbai with offices in Delhi (NCR), Bangalore, Kolkata and associates in Chennai, Hyderabad & Pune, we bring together local, national and global insight and proficiency to help clients make real estate decisions that enable them to achieve their goals.

iCORE Global India provides a unique perspective and total commitment towards its clients. Our teams provide innovation based services of the highest quality. iCORE operates with a single minded focus to align real estate operations with our clients’ overall business objectives. We explore & develop innovative concepts for value enhancement and service improvements. We provide strategic advice, situational knowledge and expert opinion on strategies and interpretation of trends and issues that arise. We fully understand the needs of our clients’ and simultaneously keep a close watch on the market dynamics and behaviour for maximum benefit to our clients.

iCORE's professionals are prepared to help you make the best decisions when doing business in India. For further information on Indian property markets please contact our India office.